Clubhouse Rules and Woodfield Rumors

Image result for rumorsThe Clubhouse Rules can be found on the Village People website. There are only sixteen and it’s a fast read, but it might be beneficial to review a few in this forum.

There is a rumor running through the Village that Woodfield residents are using Village dumpsters, Wi-Fi and the laundry room. No one has been able to confirm that this is actually taking place and it seems unlikely because Woodfield includes dumpsters and internet access in the rent the residents pay.

Perhaps the people you see are new owners who obtained entry with a key. However, if the laundry room door is propped open, it will be difficult to keep unauthorized users at bay.

One of the clubhouse rules addresses access keys. A portion of that rules states “Please do not lend your key or provide access to unauthorized users.” Although it can be uncomfortable to deny access to the clubhouse or laundry room, it’s the only way to insure that the people using the facilities have the legitimate right to be there. It’s easy to assume that the person requesting entry has merely forgotten their key. However, it may have been deactivated after sixty days of unpaid member assessments or for an uncured violation.

Residents bear some responsibility to make sure only dues-paying members or their guests are using the common area. Your help is very much appreciated by everyone.

One thought on “Clubhouse Rules and Woodfield Rumors

  1. Logic tells me there are 2 options.

    1. Install a key pad operating gate into WMVV. But, we all know how painful they can be. Or,

    2. Move the dumpster to the far corner of the Village.

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