Information Center Update

Image result for informationThe new information center is nearing completion. The cement is curing on the support posts and soon the surrounding dirt will be graded and rocked for mud-free walking around the panels.

The blue that everyone has asked me about was the protective plexiglass covering. It has now been removed and some initial postings have begun. Four panels have some information posted. It is a work in progress.

There are six panels that now have temporary paper headers pinned into position. Some information has been placed by me in several areas.  During the annual meeting it was requested that we post some of the thoughts that are being discussed by the Advisory Committee. I have posted the February 27, 2017 meeting notes for review. There are some pictures of signage ideas as well. There was a discussion about signage at the Annual meeting and these are just some thoughts about value enhancement and not about developer sales signs.

There is now space available to owners for 3” x 5” file card size posting on these topics: items for sale, for sale by owner lots and completed units, for rent, vendors and laborers you have used. It is for use by Village owners! Fill in your card and get it to any Advisory Committee member for posting. Business cards are also acceptable. Members are listed on the Advisory Committee panel. There are about twenty blank cards left inside one of the panels if you do not have any. Wal-Mart sells a pack for a buck.

The Activity Committee has one complete panel and has posted the most current schedule. They will be updating as they move along.

I have been asked why it located way over there. It is because we cannot park anymore cars at the front door and many people drive over to the dumpsters frequently so this spreads the traffic out and reduces the congestion. Yup, it’s a different approach so let’s see how this works. It may also be video friendly.

Courtesy of Ray Hedlund

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