2016 Sales in the Village

Image result for lots for saleTwelve lots and four park models were sold in the Village by the developer in 2016. No park models were sold in 2015. However, you might remember that lot sales in 2015 were quite robust at nineteen.

It’s tempting to examine why sales were lower in 2016. A presidential election can wreak havoc on real estate sales. No matter a person’s political leanings, elections make investors nervous. The Village is an investment for most people as very few make it their full-time residence. If a person isn’t forced to move for employment, it appears that no one wants to gamble in the time between the presidential party conventions and the election. After a presidential election, no matter the victor, people seem to relax and begin to invest again.

The majority of sales in the Village usually take place toward the end of the summer. Such is the fate of an area that is at the mercy of valley people looking to get out of the heat. They seem to show up when they are tired of being forced to stay in the air conditioning for months. By the time they come to check the Village out and decide they like it, most of the summer is in the past.

2017 is proving this wrong for the first time since sales began in the Village. Eight lots have already closed this year with another five in escrow. The Phoenix area had two extreme heat waves where temperatures were at record breaking highs. This might be helping but there isn’t a crystal ball that will assure this is a correct assumption.

If you are happy with your little slice of paradise, please let others know how they can join you.

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