Village Directory

Image result for directory imageSeveral people have volunteered to do the legwork for a directory for the Village. A number of you may remember one from several years ago. This will be similar. The plan is to have two ways to find people; one by unit and lot number and one alphabetically by name. There will also be a map of the Village included.

The directory will be paid for by vendors who have done work for Village people and want to advertise for more business in the Village. Anyone wanting a copy of the directory will be charged a small fee to off-set the cost. It is unknown what that fee will be at this time.

The Association cannot provide addresses, phone numbers or email addresses for this purpose. If you would like to be included in the directory you will need to download the form on the Village People website and get it to Jo Lindsay or Frankie Coulter. The information will only be included in the directory if the form has been signed. Down load the form here.

9 thoughts on “Village Directory

  1. Hi Liz, regarding the village directory, not sure how many people have access to a printer.. I don’t.. to print the form needed. Maybe having some available in the club house might facilitate getting the program off on the right foot. Just a thought


  2. Where should we send our directory information release form? I do not know how to get it to Jo Lindsay or Frankie Coulter. Thanks!


  3. I agree with Nick Schmitz I am not at the village and no printer. Why not email address and fill-in form.


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