Wildland Fires Are A Serious Threat

Image result for forest fire cartoon imagesMost people purchased property in the Village because they wanted to be in the tall pines. However, during fire season those same beautiful pines can present a danger. Please do your part to help diminish the threat to the Village by reducing any unnecessary fuel load on your property. Removing dead limbs on trees along with leaves and pine needles that have accumulated on the ground will go a long way in achieving this goal.

If you are cooking outdoors, please do not leave the grill unattended. When you are finished cooking, completely and properly extinguish the fire. Wildfires can begin unnoticed and spread quickly. If you notice smoke or flames, call 911 immediately.

As a reminder, in addition to Vacation Village Drive there are three other outlets in which to exit the Village in an emergency. All three exit onto Ellsworth Road via breakaway or “crash” gates. There is a gate at Elizabeth and Ellsworth Heights Road in Unit 2, a gate at Recreation Loop and Ellsworth Heights Road and a gate at Mule Skinner Loop and Ellsworth Heights Road, both in Unit 4. These gates are fairly low and each is secured with a set of three padlocks (one is a fire department lock). Unlocking any of the three opens the gate.  However, you need only be concerned with the combination padlock. Most have been given the combination for these padlocks but here it is again – ZOOO. If you find yourself first in line at one of the crash gates and feel like there is no time to get out of your car to use the combination (ZOOO), simply “crash” through the gate. It was designed for this.

Dialing 311 will connect you to a hotline for specific fire restrictions in the Show Low area. Here’s to a fire-free season!

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