House Watch – Brought to You by Show Low Senior Patrol

Image result for burglar imagesLast year a decision was made to use Show Low Senior Patrol for Village security. They have been reliable and responsive to our needs. Senior Patrol also does what they refer to as House Watch. This is a service you can use when you are not at the Village. Following is an excerpt from a recent email from Senior Patrol.

If you sign up for HOUSE WATCHES we will:

  1. Physically walk the perimeter of your house. We visit your property every 7-10 days. If you are “Short term” (less than 30 days) we will visit your property 3 times per week.
  2. Check all doors and windows. We also check the outbuildings on your property.
  3. Our initial assessment makes notations for doors locked/unlocked, windows closed/open or broken. Sheds/outbuildings locked or unlocked.
  4. We DO NOT enter any structure on your property.
  5. If we find a discrepancy from our initial inspection, or obvious signs of a break in, we contact the Show Low Police Department to do further investigation.  You as the registered homeowner are ALWAYS contacted if the situation warrants such action.
  6. House watch time periods can be as short as a few days, or for several months.

If you would like more information: Capt. Vern Gehlen 928-434-0211, Lt. Jeff Roberts 928-368-6034 or Sgt Jan Shamasko 928-532-6387.

3 thoughts on “House Watch – Brought to You by Show Low Senior Patrol

  1. Senior Patrol drives the entire Village on their regular route. However, if you wish to participate in their House Watch, you will need to contact one of following; Captain Vern Gehlen at 928-434-0211, Lt. Jeff Roberts at 928-368-6034 or Sgt Jan Shamasko at 928-532-6387.


  2. We have used the Senior Patrol “House Watch ” for many years. Each fall we have filled out their request form and donated. (Let the Senior Patrol officer tell you how the donation’s are used, It is very good. )
    We ask them to watch our place all winter. They do a fantastic job. I can’t say enough good about their service.
    I highly recommend them.
    Betty Turley


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