To Winterize, or Not to Winterize – Should Not be a Question

Image result for broken water pipes home cartoon imagesThere will soon be a mass exodus from the Village. Just like turtles, some will take their summer homes along. If you are one of them, you can stop reading now, but if you plan to leave your shell in the Village, stay with me.

Winterizing is critical when you own a residence in a place where the average low temperature in December and January can be close to zero. Improper winterization could result in a costly catastrophe. Leaving the heat at a minimum temperature might seem like a good idea. However, when I lived in Show Low, it wasn’t uncommon for the power to fail and sometimes for several days. If that were to happen during a hard freeze, you could end up with burst pipes. When it warms back up, guess where all that water will go.

One surefire way to put your property at risk is to leave the water running so it won’t freeze. Besides costing your neighbors more money (the City of Show Low charges for every gallon of water that runs through the Association’s meter and uses that same number to calculate the sewer bill) a leak could develop inside your residence and you could return to a water soaked home.

There are various ways to winterize your residence. If you’ve always been a do-it-yourselfer, you have probably figured out how to winterize. If not, the internet contains plenty of advice and some You Tube videos. You might feel better hiring a professional. If you don’t already know one, look in the local paper, ask a neighbor for a referral or Google for a plumber.

You might also want to check your insurance policy. Some policies contain a clause about frozen and broken pipes. See if you are covered if you don’t use a professional to winterize. By hiring a professional, you’re really buying peace of mind. No one wants that call with news that water is seeping from your park model. Have a great winter and safe travels.

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