Then and Now – The Same but Different

Image result for change imagesIt is a fact that when the last lot in the Village is sold, the developer will turn over control of the Association to the Members. However, even a crystal ball doesn’t tell us the exact date and time that will happen. The Board decided it would be beneficial to begin to transition sooner rather than later so the change would go smoothly.

Maintenance of the clubhouse and common areas contain many moving parts so the Board made a decision to tackle that project right away. The Association entered into an agreement with HOAMCO to take over maintenance of the Village. This process took some time and in May of this year, HOAMCO hired a maintenance company, Mountains Best Landscape owned by Mike McGee.

What does this mean to the residents of the Village? The Board makes decisions concerning Village assets such as the common areas, clubhouse and roads. The management company, HOAMCO, and, more specifically, Sherry Watson, implements those decisions. One decision was to use an outside maintenance company for the Village. Sherry’s job was to hire the maintenance company and manage the maintenance process. In other words, the Board hired a management company and the management company hired a maintenance company.

Again, what does this mean to the residents of the Village? Prior to May of 2016, residents made complaints and suggestions by contacting employees of the developer. That process is no longer effective as no one employed by the developer is handling operations of any type concerning the Village common areas and clubhouse.

The contact for any and all issues concerning common areas and the clubhouse is Sherry Watson at HOAMCO. She can be reached by phone 928.537-1067, ext. 1404 or by email at Sherry’s hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  She is often out on property or attending meetings. However, Sherry will respond to your call or email as soon as she is able.

The Board recognizes that change can be confusing and frustrating. However, this is a positive step for residents of the Village. It’s a huge stride forward in taking over the management of your assets. When the time comes, your elected board members will have a process that does not involve the developer.

With change comes a new way of thinking and doing things. As we transition through this process, your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated. If you feel something needs attention, don’t hesitate to contact Sherry, realizing that most issues can be addressed in a timely manner. However, “timely” doesn’t necessarily mean same day. The maintenance company has a schedule and will deal with items as soon as is practicable. Sherry Watson and Mike McGee are valuable assets to the Village and we are excited to have them on our team. Thanks so much for your help and understanding as we all move forward.

3 thoughts on “Then and Now – The Same but Different

  1. Having an outside maintenance contract is not confusing and frustrating, in my working years I handled multiple locations with outside contracted service and staff service depending on the needs. May was some time ago so this posting appears to be somewhat late. The doggie bags get changed, ran into to Donna after calling Sherry, a very nice lady and was surprised that two locations were empty that time. Now for the question, what is the schedule for regular maintenance inspections to prioritize needed work? Or do lot owners have to share concerns? Is the landscape maintenance company equipped to deal with road repairs? In the winter who is doing the snow plowing? (Should drive slower.)


    1. There is a schedule for maintenance items. However, if an owner notices something, they should not hesitate to contact Sherry as was stated here. In other words, if you see something, say something. Mountains Best and HOAMCO both have access to companies that do road repair. Snow plowing has been done for several years by Mountains Best.


      1. Since the transition process is on going, it would be a good idea to put more information out so that the old rumor mill doesn’t take a new turn. Posting of the Maintenance Schedule would be very helpful along with the budgeted amounts for each item. This would give the owners a better idea of the operation and let everyone realize that nothing is without cost. There have been things that used to be done and are no longer taken care of.


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