Meet Warren Koepsel – Activities Committee Member


Warren Koepsel was born in a cheese factory to cheese making parents.  After the required schooling he met the love of his life, Janet, and married her.  He served in the Marine Corp during the Korean conflict.  He then attended and graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

After several engineering assignments in the Midwest, he felt it was time to move the family to Arizona where he was employed by Garrett AiResearch.  A highlight of his career was in the research and development of the MK 50 torpedo. When Warren retired he was instrumental in forming the Garrett/AiResearch Retirees Club which now boasts over 700 members.

In addition to full time employment, Warren found time to volunteer in activities.  The urge to volunteer continued into retirement where he also enjoyed traveling with Janet in their RV.  This led him to his current position on the Activities Committee at the Village.

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