2016 Annual Meeting Open Forum Comments & Questions

Image result for excuse me i have a question imagesThe 2016 Annual meeting garnered high attendance and the open forum portion of the meeting was indeed lively. A commitment was made to address, via the blog, everything that would be relevant to all residents, including questions and suggestions that came to HOAMCO before the meeting. This avenue also allows the Board to reach residents who were not at the meeting.

Suggestion: For Sale by Owner signs need to be standardized and smaller like the original WMVV “For Sale” signs.  This would look much better than the bright orange dollar store signs being used now.

 In Arizona, homeowners’ associations (HOA) are prohibited from regulating or restricting the use of “for sale,” “for rent” or “for lease” signs on a property owner’s yard as long as the sign meets statutory requirements and the HOA does not prohibit or restrict leasing. Those requirements are: (1) the sign must be commercially produced; (2) the sign cannot exceed eighteen by twenty-four inches; and (3) the rider attached cannot exceed six by twenty-four inches.

Question: Who owns the water system and why isn’t it registered with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)?

 The Association does not own a water system. It is not selling water to the residents. The Association buys water from the City of Show Low. ADEQ issued approval for and of construction of the water and sewer infrastructure. The Association does not need anything else as it does not own and operate a water system.

Question: Is it the goal of HOAMCO and Board members to attempt to keep Association fees reasonable?

Suggestion: Association fees should be kept at a minimum with maintenance of the area a priority.

 The Board and HOAMCO work diligently to keep Association fees moderate. Please refer to blog post titled “Penny Wise, Pound Foolish”.

Question: Can reflective lights and a traffic light be added at the entrance to the Village?

 Reflective lights are scheduled to be placed at the entrance. Traffic lights on state highways in Arizona fall under the purview of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Unless ADOT finds a need to install a light, the cost for a traffic light is borne by the entity requesting it (the Association). ADOT would initiate a study to determine if there is a need, or even if it’s feasible based on other traffic control locations. The cost of a traffic light can run upward of $300,000. This would require a special assessment to be levied on each property. The Board is not willing to explore this further at this time.

Question: When all declarant lots have been sold will the Board transition over time to a Member controlled board or will it be done immediately?

 It will be done immediately through an election mechanism.

Question: When the declarant turns the Association over to the Members, will there be an audit of the financials?

The decision of whether or not to perform an audit will be made by the Members.

Comment: The roads are in bad shape and the edges of Elizabeth Drive are buckling.

 The reserves contain dollars to slurry seal Vacation Village Drive and Elizabeth. This is a regular maintenance item and will be completed in the spring of 2017.

Comment: People renting space at Woodfield drive right by and end up in the Village. A sign at the Woodfield entrance would be very helpful.

 Woodfield is responsible for their own signage and may be in the process of having a sign made.

 Question: When will the funds for use of Vacation Village Drive by Woodfield be collected and where they will be allocated?

 The initial billing will take place each January beginning in 2017. That billing will cover the time from close of escrow in the fall of 2015 through December 31, 2016. From that point on, billing will be for the previous year. The funds will be allocated to Reserves – Asphalt Repair.

Question: What was the cost of the speed bumps?


Question: Are the entrance and emergency gates rusty or do they looked that way intentionally?

 The gates were intended to add a rustic touch to the Village and require no maintenance.

Comment: The pet and emergency gate areas have weeds.

 Maintenance will take care of this.

Comment: White Mountain Vacation Village is a 55 and over community.

 White Mountain Vacation Village is not an age-restricted community.

Comment: The internet does not work well on a regular basis.

 Internet is only available inside the clubhouse building. Loss of connectivity is typical on the mountain and is simply the nature of the beast.

Comment: All residents should be informed and given the opportunity for input and/or vote on any unexpected expenditures (speed bumps, a dog park, gated community).

Comment: Paying additional dues for a gated community is an unnecessary expense since the Village is a community of RV’s and not $200,000 homes and security patrol has made the community safer this past winter.

 The Board is not considering gating the Village or the addition of a dog park. These ideas were suggested by residents. Currently, the Board is declarant controlled. However, no matter who sits on the board, residents do not vote on board decisions. Residents vote for board members and those board members make decisions concerning the community.

Comment: Hot water is being used by residents who shower in the clubhouse. Could there be a pay-for-use system for the showers similar to use of the washing machines?

 The charge for the machines is to cover repair and replacement, not water or the cost to heat it. The clubhouse and its features are an amenity for residents, whether used by everyone or not. It would be cost-prohibitive to regulate and charge for individual use. Therefore, the nominal cost is shared across the board.

Suggestion: A large lettered flyer could be left on everyone’s door telling them what to flush for the good of all.

 Information about what should and shouldn’t be flushed has been shared in almost every past newsletter. Information can also be found on the blog post titled “Toilets or Your Money – Pick One”.

Question: Could an area in the Community be setup for equipment storage to curb the abundance of trailers, boats, ATV’s etc. that are stored on resident’s small lots?

 The Developer used to offer a fenced storage area.  Very few utilized the storage so it was discontinued.  Residents did not want to pay for it. A storage area offered by the Association would require payment as well.

Question: Has consideration been given to the fact that not all residents have computers and also are not familiar with blogs to impart important information to residents? Why can’t HOAMCO publish and mail a brief informational newsletter at least once or twice a year? Can’t a portion of HOA dues be allocated for postage and printing?

 Yes. HOAMCO is not contracted to provide a physical or electronic newsletter. In the past, the Board produced newsletters, both mailing them and posting them on the website. The blog is a recent creation and is receiving a lot of positive feedback. This is the direction the Board wishes to take.  Sherry will assist owners in how to sign up for blog posts. In addition, Sherry will print copies of the blog and mail them to any resident who makes a request.

Question: What is the process to handle violation issues?

Violation issues will be addressed in a separate blog post.

One thought on “2016 Annual Meeting Open Forum Comments & Questions

  1. When will current rules regarding parking be enforced? We now have beat up, eyesore travel trailers being parked in Common Areas. In days gone by you couldn’t blink before HOAMCO was there to enforce rules.


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