Meet Coralee Peake – Activities Committee Member

Coralee PeakeCoralee Peake is one of those rare natives of Arizona. Born in Phoenix, her family moved to Tucson when she was five. She went to Sahuaro High School. After high school, she attended the University of Arizona for a while before deciding to study to become a dental assistant. She has worked in several dental offices in Tucson and Green Valley. She took some time off to raise her daughters and finally retired in 2011.

She met Jon Peake in 1986 and they married in 1987. They have two daughters, Alyssa and Olivia. Alyssa lives in California and Olivia in New Jersey.

In 2009, after Jon retired and also after years of being pestered by Jon’s best friend and wife to visit their place at White Mountain Vacation Village, they visited for a long weekend. They just loved the area. On their way to Tucson, they decided to come back and buy a lot in the Lodges and put in a park model. They spent the next three years setting up their lot, putting in the park model, adding a shed, covered patio and living room. Coralee had a great time decorating and just loves to hang out on the deck.

Jon and Coralee moved to Sunland Springs Village in Mesa, Arizona in August of 2014. While wintering at their home there, Coralee is a pickleball addict, plays cards and water volleyball and takes care of her Mom. Coralee feels that living in the valley during winter is like being in winter camp with her many seasonal friends and when at the Village it’s summer camp with all of her friends there.

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