Pow Wow in the Pines

teepeesIt was a great pleasure to put some of the faces on the names I have come to know in recent months. The annual meeting of the White Mountain Vacation Village Recreational Subdivision Association (WMVVRSA) was a very constructive and educational event for all of us. The Board and management were given some great suggestions, some welcome criticism and from many of the attendees, some kudos and thanks which were very much appreciated. Operating a large organization such as WMVVRSA isn’t always easy and it’s rewarding to know some people notice the time and energy we put into it. Obviously, we can’t make everyone happy all of the time, but the knowledge that we’re doing some things right gives us some peace of mind and an incentive to try harder in the future.

What a great turnout and what an interesting and dynamic cross-section of America we have in the Village. After spending more than fifty years of my life in the White Mountains, I actually felt like I was home again.

A big thanks to our HOAMCO manager Sherry Watson, board members Holly Jacobs and Kathy Fish and the Hampton Inn for a great meeting facility. And a special thanks to all of the attendees for your support and encouragement.

We’re going to keep moving forward and trying to make the Village an ever better place to spend your time. Utopia is in reality nothing but a state-of-mind. With your continued help, we keep getting closer and closer to that place. Keep working toward the goal. Keep sharing that dream. And above all else, keep helping your neighbors to make the Village “the” place to be in the summer in the White Mountains.

Oh, and thanks for making it unnecessary for me to send someone out to start my car after the meeting was adjourned.

2 thoughts on “Pow Wow in the Pines

  1. We were impressed with the business like construction of the meeting. We were definitely more comfortable, but it was hard to hear a lot of the comments and questions from the residents. A microphone would have been helpful!


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