Drones, Drones Everywhere Drones

The Board continues to work to separate developer issues from Association issues. One of the goals is to implement a separate website for the Association. The clubhouse and festival area are the greatest assets belonging to its members. The Board has hired a professional to take photographs of these areas. So if a drone flies over your head today, don’t be surprised.

8 thoughts on “Drones, Drones Everywhere Drones

  1. There has been a mystery in regard to the clubhouse, during this time in history we have the lowest interest ever. What is the interest rate that is in place now and can it be improved upon, if not why. It is time to let the people who are paying for it know what the deal is and what can be done to reduce our cost


    1. The Association rents the clubhouse from the declarant. The lease term began August 1, 2005 and is for 20 years. The lease contains an option to purchase for $1.00 at the end of the lease term. The rent is a fixed amount ($8,000 per month, plus applicable tax) for the entire term of the lease. Interest rates do not affect how much the Association pays in rent.


  2. What is the advantage 0f this to the Association? What will be the benifit of having pictures, we all know whar it looks like.


  3. Just curious……does your person your hired flying that drone have a pilots license? Because ot IS a law.

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  4. Just curious… where did you find your information? I can only find SB1449 which was signed by Governor Ducey on May 11 and will take effect some time in August. It makes no mention of a pilot’s license. I also found an FAA regulation requiring that drones of certain sizes be registered. Again, no mention of a pilot’s license.


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