Exiting the ZOOOO

https://i.ytimg.com/vi/_E14mPFo8Lo/maxresdefault.jpgIt’s probably been a while so it’s time to review how to get out of Dodge in the event of a fire or other emergency that would require rapid departure. We know we can leave via Vacation Village Drive which exits onto White Mountain Road. However, there are three other outlets. These are emergency exits and were required by the City of Show Low before approval of the different units.

Before we discuss those exits, let’s define “emergency”. Merriam-Webster defines emergency as “an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action”. During the recent Cedar Fire, Show Low and Pinetop-Lakeside were under a pre-evacuation notice. This would not be an emergency as this notice was issued giving people enough time to gather important papers and medications and to make decisions on what to do with pets. If the pre-evacuation order had been turned into an actual evacuation, there would have been time to leave in an orderly fashion. This should not have resulted in a panic situation.

An emergency might occur as a result of a fire that starts in or very near the Village and is moving quickly. Under such a circumstance there might not be time to leave with anything but your life. In an instant such as this, you might feel compelled to use one of the three other exists. All three exit onto Ellsworth Road via breakaway or “crash” gates. Next time you are out for a walk make a mental note of where they are located. There is a gate at Elizabeth and Ellsworth Heights Road in Unit 2, a gate at Recreation Loop and Ellsworth Heights Road and a gate at Mule Skinner Loop and Ellsworth Heights Road, both in Unit 4. These gates are fairly low and each is secured with a set of three padlocks (one is a fire department lock). Unlocking any of the three opens the gate.  However, you need only be concerned with the combination padlock. Most have been given the combination for these padlocks but here it is again – ZOOOO.

If you find yourself first in line at one of the crash gates and feel like there is no time to get out of your car to use the combination (ZOOOO), simply “crash” through the gate. It was designed for this. Yes, you will damage your vehicle but the people behind you will be grateful. Another option is to lay back and wait for someone else to crash through it first. However, by that time, you could have used the combination (ZOOOO) and saved your vehicle. Or, make “first through the gate” assignments on an annual rotating basis. Everyone gets a turn.

Let us hope we never have a situation where you would need to use the emergency exits. However, now new residents are aware and residents who have been at the Village for some time are reminded of how to get out quickly and safely if the need arises. ZOOOO!

9 thoughts on “Exiting the ZOOOO

  1. Thank you so much for this information. It is the first time I have ever heard what the lock combination is and I have been in the park for 10 years, I appreciate what the blog is doing for all of us. Again thank you.


    1. Thank you so much! You are right. This is a great forum to make sure information is accurate. I have fixed the post to reflect the correct combination as this is meant to be a reference for use later.


  2. Hi Liz,

    Does emergency mean these exits are NOT supposed to have trucks, trailers, etc parked to block them 24 hours/day for weeks at a time – Bulldog exit? We’re not just talking cars, but motorhomes, too will have to exit in a full evacuation.

    Who is supposed to patrol the complex & fix these violations? Are we paying for the hoa to patrol?

    How about other ccr rules? – feral/loose pets, vehicle parking on streets overnite, parking rv’s violating lot setbacks, etc.

    The only mechanism that has been offered is by formal complaint of an owner via hoa form. This turns it into an adversarial situation where the violator knows who complains & can respond poorly.


    1. Bull Dog is not an emergency exit. It does not have a breakaway gate and does not have a lock with the emergency combination. If you were to try to go through that gate, it would give new meaning to the term “crash gate”. The vehicle parked at that exit has been given permission and it is temporary.

      No one is “patrolling” for violations. Feral animals are homeless by nature so I wouldn’t know what to do about those. However, you can call the Show Low Police Department’s Animal Control Division to take care of animal issues.

      As far as reporting a violation observed by a resident, their name must be disclosed in order to comply with Arizona State statutes.


  3. Would you consider making Bulldog and/or the construction gates emergency exits with breakaway gates and combination locks? In a true emergency, depending on where the emergency situation is located, the main exit and the Elizabeth emergency exit could become very backed-up. Having 1 or 2 more exits in the highest-density area in the Village could be life-saving in some circumstances.

    Don M


    1. This idea is definitely worth considering. Some questions would need to be answered before that could happen; would we need City of Show Low permission (Bulldog), developer permission (construction gates), how much would breakaway gates cost to purchase and install including locks and no parking signs? Who would take responsibility to spearhead this? Sounds like a perfect fit for the Advisory Committee.


  4. Some questions for the board. Was City of Show Low permission required for the other emergency exits? Isn’t there anyone on the board with a close relationship to the developer who could get that approval? How much did the other breakaway gates, locks and no parking signs cost? Who spearheaded the speed bump project? Maybe they could be assigned.

    Don M


    1. The City of Show Low mandated the existing emergency exits when they approved White Mountain Vacation Village. Those exits, along with the main exit onto White Mountain Road were satisfactory to the City. If the residents think there is a need for one or two additional emergency exits, they will need to pursue the request through the Advisory Committee. The Village is in compliance.


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