Meet Lois Davis – Activities Committee Member

Lois DavisLois Davis began her life in St. Paul, Minnesota.  During the early years, Lois’s family ventured to Southern California and eventually settled in Phoenix when she was fourteen.   She graduated from North High School and attended Phoenix College.

Lois started her career with Valley National Bank in 1964, retiring in 2000.  The majority of her career was spent with the Real Estate Department which evolved into Valley National Mortgage Company in 1981.  The bank sent Lois to Pitzer College in California on a special women’s program to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She graduated in the 1990’s.

Lois’s employment experience included mortgage servicing, mortgage production, secondary marketing which includes selling mortgages to investors, compliance with mortgage regulations, and computer systems.  Valley National Bank, including the Mortgage Department, was merged with Bank One in 1992.  As a result, mortgage headquarters was transferred to Indianapolis which changed the function in Phoenix.  Her final experience included training loan officers to take mortgage applications on laptops including complying with all the mortgage regulations.  This was her favorite position in her career because she met great loan officers wanting to do their best jobs helping people to improve their lifestyle through homeownership. This position also enabled Lois to meet people and see several sites around the United States.

After retiring, Lois and her husband, Dave, spent their time traveling around Arizona and several other states in their RV.  During this time they tried to find a place in Arizona to get out of the Glendale heat in the summer.  Through one of Lois’s golf friends, they finally found the Village in 2006. They bought a lot the first day they visited the community.

After forty-four years of marriage, Dave passed away in 2011. When the opportunity arose to volunteer for the Activities Committee, Lois decided to offer her time informing the owners of activities and important notices about the community.  She loves her neighbors and participating in all the activities and trips.  It is her favorite place in the summer and she enjoys helping with all the activities.

Lois spends her spare time on the golf course, in the bowling alley, playing poker and cards, and helping her mother with her life activities.  She also tries to be creative in making quilts for family and friends.

7 thoughts on “Meet Lois Davis – Activities Committee Member

  1. We are so fortunate to have such a knowledgeable lady taking care of our electronic communications. She does an outstanding job….couldn’t function without her!!!!


  2. Lois, this is wonderful and we are so happy for you. We miss our friends up there and will be up for a few days sometime this summer. Teddy sends best wishes to Tommy. God bless you. Love, Bob and Nancy.


  3. Thank you so much Lois for keeping us informed about actvtties.,a job well done. We are so lucky to have you.


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