Water Fountain Update

The water fountain poll has been removed. Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer the survey and/or leave a comment.  The results of the survey are as follows:

I use the water fountain and can’t live without it. – 8.07%

I don’t use the water fountain. It’s unsanitary. – 19.35%

I don’t use the water fountain for another reason. – 53.23%

We have a water fountain? – 19.35%

The poll was posted because we were not able to find anyone in the area who could repair the water fountain. Eight percent of respondents indicated they cannot live without it. It would be tragic to have someone succumb to thirst simply because over seventy-two percent don’t drink from the fountain and approaching twenty percent didn’t even know there was a fountain. The eight percent prompted us to do more research and a company was located that we believe can repair the fountain.

If the repair is not successful, the board has made a decision to pursue a replacement or consider another course of action that would result in drinking water availability in the club house. Several alternatives have been suggested, including a bottled water system or a reverse osmosis system that could be plumbed off the existing water pipe. One resident even volunteered to look on eBay or Craig’s List to see if they could find a used water fountain.

Several residents responded privately with their ideas and I would like to address those as well. A beer keg is not an option. The board would consider it if there weren’t so many choices. We don’t want to cause a fight over which beer is best. Also, a cistern is not a good choice as we don’t want everyone sharing a ladle.

If you have other suggestions, please leave them in the comment section of this post as we may be considering this issue as we prepare the 2017 budget.


5 thoughts on “Water Fountain Update

  1. Why bother to take a survey when it seems to not matter what the majority had to say? (Re: water fountain). The 8% could easily bring their own water as the 92% already does. Or let’s have the 8% pay for the cost of replacement or repair. Because we certainly aren’t looking for ways to waste our funds.


  2. I am not sure 8% (half of which I believe were just pulling your leg because of the statement “I can’t live without it”) should be the ones driving this type of decision. It kind of reminds me of the way the decision was made to put the speed bumps in.


    1. We took the poll to get a feel for the significance of the fountain to the residents, not to put it up for a “vote” where a majority ruled. There are a great many issues where a minority of residents must be heard and considered. Remember the old story where two wolves and a chicken voted to decide what to have for dinner.


  3. Nothing has changed. The McCarty’s and the few complainers always rule. If the majority of residents think they have a say in anything, they are sadly mistaken. How about paper cups in the kitchen so the 8% can drink out of the faucet?


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