Fire Season is Upon Us

View from the House
Rodeo-Chediski from my back yard, a few hundred yards from the Village.

It was the afternoon of June 18, 2002. News was drifting in that a fire was burning on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. Twenty-four hours later, people living west of Show Low were evacuating. A day after that, Chediski was out of control. When the two met and became the “Monster”, it was an awesome and humbling experience. Believe me, you don’t want a repeat.

It has been reported that conditions are ripe for a recurrence of Rodeo-Chediski.  Most residents chose to own in the Village because they enjoy the beautiful pine trees. However, you can do your part to help reduce the threat to the Village by reducing any unnecessary fuel load on your property. Removing dead limbs on trees along with leaves and pine needles that have accumulated on the ground will go a long way toward helping.  A representative from Timber Mesa Fire and Medical has indicated they were planning to do an evaluation of Village lots for potential fire risks. The last time they did this, they left door hangers where they determined a threat might exist, with suggestions for what to do to resolve (e.g. cut or trim trees). Some of these recommendations could fall within the purview of the Architectural Review Committee guidelines so please check them before you make a decision to remove an entire tree.

Fire restrictions have been issued for the White Mountains. Dialing 311 will connect you to the hotline for specific restrictions. It’s time to be vigilant and alert. If you are cooking outdoors, please do not leave the grill unattended. When you are finished cooking, completely and properly extinguish the fire. Wildfires can begin unnoticed and spread quickly. If you notice smoke or flames, call 911 immediately. Have a safe and fire-free summer.

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