Woodfield Water

It’s been heard on the street that the Woodfield project is going to be using water from the Village water system. This rumor is false. The Woodfield project is getting metered water directly from the City of Show Low. They tapped into the 8” line at the Park Pineway Shopping Center.

Speed Bumps

The signs for the speed bumps will be installed today. Residents can expect to see the actual speed bumps by the end of business tomorrow. Bicyclists will be able to go between the bumps (as long as you are going under 40 mph ). Please drive safely.

Water Fountain – Replace or Don’t Replace

You may have noticed the clubhouse water fountain fan runs continuously. We just learned the fountain is on borrowed time. A replacement was not budgeted because the fountain was projected by the Reserve Study to last until 2025. We want to make sure the cost to replace it is justified. What do you think? Do you use the fountain enough to spend over $1,500 to replace it? Please participate in our survey.