Festival Area Survey

The Recreational Subdivision Association has an agreement to lease (2007 to 2027) the Festival Area, hiking trails, ponds and exercise stations. In preparation for the eventual transfer of the RSA from developer to residents, the board wanted to have a clear delineation of the boundaries of this area. Any rumors to the contrary notwithstanding, the Festival Area is not going to be sold.

8 thoughts on “Festival Area Survey

  1. We walk the walking/exercise trails thru the forest everyday and love them. You say they are leased to 2027, are they leased to our HOA and to be turned over to us in 2027?


  2. The festival area is an integral part of our village. My wife and our dog use it nearly every day. Her only comment -beside pleading for retention – is a question concerning whether any more bark chips will be laid on the various trails . Gettin’ to be a little “ratty” .😐


    1. Thank you for your comment. Our maintenance company inspected and determined that the bark has been washed out from past rains. They will rake it back onto the trails and this should make it look much better.


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