Meet Sherry Watson – HOAMCO Community Manager

Sherry WatsonWe live in a world that revolves around itself.  I have gained valuable insight over the past 13 years of working in the Association Management industry.

I have learned that it takes a conscious effort to build relationships and Community.  I have learned that babies cry, dogs bark, people fight and machines make noise.  I have learned that people are not black and white, but gray.  I have learned that people need to be heard, but more importantly, understood.  I have learned that compassion gives a voice to those that do not feel heard.  I have learned that perception is more important than reality and that taking the time to listen and educate bridges the gap between those two concepts.

I found it a blessing, and an honor, to be given an opportunity, on a daily basis, to touch the lives of so many people and to hopefully be a positive force in their lives, even in the smallest of ways.


Sherry Watson, PCAM®, CMCA®, AMS®

Community Manager

3 thoughts on “Meet Sherry Watson – HOAMCO Community Manager

  1. Welcome to the community! I believe “Positive begets Positive” and with your positive attitude you should be a big plus to WMVV, My wife Jeri and I are new property owners in phase 4 lot 4 and look forward to spending summer’s there and possibly moving full time! Currently we just have our RV on the lot but as soon as we can afford it, we want to purchase a cabin style Park Model for the property. We look forward to meeting you someday. You sound like a breath of fresh air, congrats and good luck with your new position. John and Jeri Waite Apache Junction Arizona


  2. Hi Sheery ,

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  3. Just received a note that someone left on our driveway, not signed.
    Because people did not follow the rule to begin with the park got speed bumps. Because people still did not follow the rules we got the driving directions changed. Maybe if people would just follow the rules. Speed limit and directions. As for permanent or part time residents. All of us pay the yearly Hoa fees. Plus have bought our lot. Now they are saying they are going to continue to disregard the rule and drive down the wrong way on the the streets.


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