The Sign Was Not Stolen

Image result for entrance sign imagesYou might notice that the entrance sign for the Village is missing. We know where it is. A recent routine inspection revealed that the straps holding the sign in place had been damaged by the high winds. It was decided that before the sign fell and smashed a car it should be removed and new straps put in place. It will take several weeks for the repair. Please don’t call the police.

3 thoughts on “The Sign Was Not Stolen

  1. Thanks for all the helpful information being posted on the WMVV blog. The communication to residents is much appreciated!


  2. Maybe it’s time to look at the cost and advanages of making WMVV a gated community? with the new developement and the increase of traffic on our streets from the new development , it would increase the value of our area for being a gated community.I see quiet a few developments in the area that have gate access.We have badges and could control the hours of operation.Most have an unpaved area to turn around if they come to our area by mistake.I do think the added cost to set up would be a one time expense and a reoccurring repair would not be very expensive.Maybe apply the water cooler expense and other discretionary expense to make this revenue neutral.we need to think out of the box on how to increase the value and re sale value of our investment? Thanks Jerry


  3. I agree with Mr. Beard on this issue. I believe the cost would be insignificant relative to the added value.It would also improve security.


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