This Rumor is True!

rumorsIt has been said that The Village – in its entirety – is going to be purchased and turned into a nudist colony. It is true … that rumor did exist and did circulate with some vigor throughout the area. I still remember hearing it while sitting in the old Paint Pony restaurant in Show Low. However, what wasn’t true was the part about being purchased for a nudist colony. It didn’t seem to matter at the time; once the rumor got a foothold, it became true in the minds of some who heard it. I questioned the person who shared it with me and I kept my clothes on. You’re welcome.

Here’s the point. Rumors are a fact of life. Some people seem to live to start them while others seem to live to hear them and pass them on. The Village is obviously not immune to the creation and propagation of insidious and frequently humorous rumors. Recently the word “got out” that some developer was going to be tapping into The Village’s water supply. That rumor turned out to be more garbage than substance, but the ephemeral odor of waste dump persisted briefly in the minds of a few.

With so many residents in The Village, rumors will always take flight. After looking into some of the rumors that have circulated in The Village and tracking them down to their sources, I can say with confidence that many have been innocent. Some have been jokes that escaped their pen. Others have been irresponsibly and insidiously created and spread like a poison on the wind.

Rumors are mostly a projection of the individual who started them.
ROYA R. RAD, Therapy Dialogue

That’s probably a pretty good thing to remember. If a rumor sounds mean, it probably is mean. If it sounds hard to believe, you probably shouldn’t believe it. In an ideal world, truth and kindness would prevail, but until we get there, you’re going to hear things that simply aren’t factual.

This forum is intended to be part of the cure to the rumor malaise. By sharing openly, we hope we can nip malicious rumors in the bud. If you hear one that makes you wonder, here’s your forum to set the record straight. There’s a page on the menu above for comments, questions and answers. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of it.

In the meantime, you can rest easier knowing that a developer is NOT going to steal your water, a monster does NOT live in the pond (reported sightings of Babs Ferguson notwithstanding) and you are NOT going to have to remove your clothes upon entry into The Village.

One thought on “This Rumor is True!

  1. I’m enjoying all the great info that the Whispering Pines forum is putting out. Great job for the people putting it together!


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