Welcome Home

Mountain Spring
Mountain Springtime

Happy spring to our seasonal and full-time residents. It’s that time of year for sweeping out the dust and cobwebs, starting new projects and becoming reacquainted with springtime in the mountains and at the Village. Here are a few friendly reminders as you head into the season.

Roll-off dumpsters for lot debris will be at the clubhouse parking lot beginning in April and running through the end of June. In the meantime, store bags of lot debris on your lot until the roll-offs arrive. Please do not put bags in or near the general dumpsters which are for household trash only.

As you begin ARC projects and/or spring clean-up projects involving contractors, be sure to let them know they are responsible for removing from the subdivision any waste materials or lot debris they generate.

If you return to your home and have no water, check for broken pipes/water lines. They are usually the culprit. If water lines are not properly winterized/protected for freezing winter temps, water remaining in the lines is subject to freezing and breaking the lines. Sometimes broken shut-off valves can be a problem as well. Broken lines and shut-off valves on lots are the responsibility of lot owners, not the HOA. If you use a plumber/contractor to assist with such repairs, let them know prior to their visit that they will require a clamping tool to clamp off lines during repairs since lots are not individually metered.

Keep the general dumpster lids closed to keep out birds and bears. You’d be amazed at what a mess the crows alone can make when they have access to the trash. Do not feed the wildlife. When bears are in the area, make your presence known (noise – bang pots/pans, etc.) to discourage them from sticking around. Call the Arizona Game & Fish department if you see repeated activity by a certain bear in the subdivision. If you have a skunk problem on your lot, call an exterminator for solutions. Clean up after your dogs and keep them on a leash.

Thanks for being a good neighbor and taking care of your community!

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