Meet Ray Hedlund – Advisory Committee Chairman

Ray was born in Sioux City, Iowa. His family moved to Martinez, California when Ray was very young.

Ray’s college days coincided with a very exciting business climate in California. As a young college student Ray worked for Rodolfo Jacuzzi (Jacuzzi Hot Tubs) at his personal startup company, International Manufacturing Company. Mr. Jacuzzi mentored Ray by introducing him to a wide range of business contacts that have served him well.  Ray credits Mr. Jacuzzi for starting his professional career as a serial entrepreneur, product inventor, and later a professional sales manager.

Ray Hedlund
Ray Hedlund – Sacramento Bee

Ray has been involved with developing or selling in one way or another for his entire working career. Some of his projects were water filters, pumps, pool lights, custom automobile wheels, cardboard boxes, paper products, adjustable air beds, water beds, dog toys and electronic pet products. Ray enjoyed his fifteen minutes of fame in 2000 when the Sacramento Bee published a story about his company, Concord Dog Toys.

Ray has worked for some great companies, large and small; International, Classic, Crown Zellerbach, Crestline, Air Creations, Kelsey Hays, and Radio Systems.  He started, operated and sold his own company.  Ray is the inventor of record of over fifty-seven copyrights and six mechanical patents and has won awards from Ford and SEMA for unique designs or innovations.

Ray is currently employed as a Sales Manager for Radio Systems, a leading marketer of many brands of Pet Products. Radio Systems  supplies most major pet retailers in the USA;  Petsen$e,  Petco,  Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor Supply, CAL Ranch , Ace Hardware and many others.

Ray and his wife, Linda, enjoy “gentleman” camping and were members of Calaveras Timber Trails (CTTA) in California for twenty-eight years. The Hedlund’s participated in the HOA that governs the now 50 year old park with its 500 lots.

Ray and Linda moved to Arizona ten years ago and began searching for the trees they missed in their old park in California. They discovered White Mountain Vacation Village four years ago and started to develop their property three years ago. Ray and Linda love their new home in the Village and have planted more trees and only wish some could be Redwoods!

Ray became the Chair of the Advisory Committee at the 2015 Annual meeting. With similar experience at Timber Trails as it underwent the transfer from developer to bank to HOA control, Ray has proven to be very capable.

He has another great strength. His middle name comes from a descendent on his mother’s side of the family; John Muir, the naturalist who petitioned Congress for the National Park bill. His hard work resulted in both the Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. We couldn’t be in better hands.

One thought on “Meet Ray Hedlund – Advisory Committee Chairman

  1. Welcome aboard Mr Hedland and your family! It looks like with your background and being a home owner here in WMVV that you should have strong positive influence for us other property owners at WMVV. My wife Jeri are newly retired and our primary home is in a gated development in Apache Junction. We were just trying our first get away last summer in Showlow when we discovered WMVV, fell in love and bought our lot. We so look forward to spending more summers here, specially when we can afford a park model instead of our toy hauler. Again, congrats and welcome aboard Mr Hedland!


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