Feedback Welcome!

Image result for feedback welcome imagesThe purpose and intent of this website is to foster communication and make life easier. The blog is a “work-in-progress”. We’re all learning as we go. So far – so good, but we’ll keep trying to make it better.

We have added a page entitled “Community Forum and Comments”. You can access that page by clicking on it at the top of the home page. If you have thoughts or comments you wish to share with others, that is the place to add them.

Some residents have posted their comments on the “About This Site” page. We have learned that by allowing comments on different pages, some readers have difficulty finding and following those remarks. As a result, we have “closed” comments on the “About This Site” page. That doesn’t mean comments and questions aren’t welcomed; they are. We just ask that you post them on the “Community Forum and Comments” page so readers can find and follow them more easily.

As always, comments can still be made on specific posts on the home page.

Please encourage your Village friends and neighbors to sign up for posts. This is a quick and easy way to know what is happening in your neighborhood.

2 thoughts on “Feedback Welcome!

  1. Were the items from the About This Site transferred for just deleted/ignored? Should any of those comments be resubmitted?


  2. It is not possible to transfer the comments/questions that were submitted on the “About This Site” page. Any questions posted were answered, including one that was answered on the “Community Forum and Comments” section. Unless a comment asks a specific question, a response may not be mandated.


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