Advisory Committee

Cartoon: caveman learn talk advice (large) by rmay tagged caveman,learn,talk,adviceWhite Mountain Vacation Village is proud to announce that they now have a fully functional Advisory Committee. Ray Hedlund graciously agreed to head this committee and immediately set to work dividing the Village into areas of representation.

The other members of this seven person committee include the following;

Donna Holick – Festival
Don Murray – Club House
Sylvia Coats – Top of Hill
Wally Simons – Highlanders
Gloria Bitting – Del Rio
Bob Rubin – Rancheros
Ray Hedlund – Mountain Lodges

Even while the Village has been covered in snow, the committee has been working hard. They held their first meeting of the year on January 8th in Scottsdale. It is exciting to know that this talented group is working together to advise the board of directors on issues germane to the homeowners. Stay tuned for more

6 thoughts on “Advisory Committee

  1. Is the advisory committee divided up into areas of the park? I just purchased lot 221 and am not sure which area that falls into. I’m at 4240 Mogollon Trail.


  2. Yes and your property is located in the Top of Hill area. Sylvia Coats is the representative. Would it be helpful if I posted a map of the areas?


  3. It is with regrets that I have received Sylvia’s resignation from the Committee. Her Job commands a different location and additional responsibilities. I want to say THANK YOU to Sylvia for joining us in the initial steps of our Voyage,

    We now have an opening to represent the TOP OF THE HILL. Are you living in this area and want to be involved ? If So please let me know by email


  4. Good morning. I am an owner in Unit 4 and am inquiring as to wether we can rent the clubhouse and BBQ area for a wedding reception. Can you tell me if that’s possible?


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